Providing Parents
 Legal Advocacy For Children’s Educational Rights

What Clients Say

In my humble opinion Arlene, what you do, to help children build a better future with the right support, is in itself priceless.  We will always pray for you Arlene, as you are giving our entire family a big helping hand, and again the emotional support you provide us, is in itself worth more than our entire net worth.  We will always owe you a lot more, than what you will end up billing us Arlene.  This is coming directly from a father (thousands of miles away), with tears in his eyes, for a wonderful attorney, who has a heart of gold and is helping my little daughter.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We truly appreciate your time, effort and guidance.  We could not have done this without you.  We toast to the results you achieved for [our son] and our family."

We met Arlene at her wonderful talk at the University of Judaism. We immediately retained Arlene some six or seven years ago, after going through a string of awful advocates. My son's father and I have never been disappointed with her results. Arlene's primary office is in Santa Monica; she is an attorney-advocate, was a special education teacher for 14 years (has her Masters in Special Education) and has a son (older than our son) with similar AD/HD issues. I really like and respect Arlene as a person and advocate. She really "gets it" as far as living and educating with special needs. In this regard, she is very intelligent, straightforward, balanced and fair. (I did not want an advocate who is litigious and divisive by nature - but also did not want a pushover. Arlene knows how to effectively and efficiently handle our school district. She is one of the few people in my life that I implicitly trust.) Arlene's fees are reasonable, and she always easily accommodates our schedules, whether through telephone conferences, e-mails, appointments at her office in the valley, etc. I would highly recommend Arlene if you know anyone in need of an outstanding special education attorney. Arlene's background, contact, upcoming talks, and resource information can easily be found on her great website."

To Arlene Bell. Thank you for helping my family overcome obstacles. It is a journey filled with twists and turns, but life also gives us angels to guide us through the unknown. Thank you for being an angel that guides us. Because of your help and professionalism, you made life alot easier for my son and ensured his school met his needs. My son and I will always be grateful. Thank you."

You’ve been a blessing to our family. Many thanks for the great work you do for the children who need help the most."

We will be forever grateful to you, not only for your skill and expertise, but for the humanity you brought to our situation. We wholeheartedly thank you.”

Thank you so much for your expertise and advocacy over the years. You’ve helped us so much-our success in dealing with the school district wouldn’t have happened without you.”

We thank God for you…you are a God send to our family. May he richly blessed you.”